Virtual Worlds FAQs

How do I access the World Manager?

The World Manager can be accessed at

Do I need any special equipment to access a virtual world?

Most modern PC's and Mac's should be able to access a virtual world.

Do I need to use headphones?

It is highly recommended that all users use USB headphones when participating in a Virtual Worlds exercise. While it is possible to participate using a built in microphone and speakers, in most cases this will result in an echo effect that can be disruptive to the other participants.

I do not see the virtual world I am supposed to access?

If the virtual world you need to access is not listed under Featured Worlds on the Home page try looking under either the 'My Worlds' or 'All Worlds' tabs.

How do I go into a virtual world?

When you are on the "Home" tab and decide which virtual world you want to look at all you have to do is click on the image and the virtual world will open up.
You may have to install a plugin. The Unity Web Player plugin for both PC and Mac is available at

How do I use the virtual world?

The first thing you do is select which avatar you would like to be in the world, do so by clicking on the picture of the avatar you want.
Then click the bottom right button on the screen which will enter the world.
You can move around with the 'WASD' or arrow buttons, you can jump with the space bar.

Why is it when I try to look at a virtual world it doesn't work?

You will first need to make sure to let Unity install a plugin.
If you see something popup that asks for permission, click allow.
The virtual world should then be able to run.
If you still cannot run the virtual world click "Further Support" at the bottom of this page and we'd be happy to help.

Why is it that I cannot hear anyone else or other people cannot hear me?

If you are unsure if your audio is configured correctly you should start by clicking the 'Audio Test' button below the virtual world. This will open an audio test channel allowing you to visually see if your mic is working correctly.

Open another audio program or application on your computer to verify that your microphone and speakers are working.

Firefox users - When you first enter the virtual world you should see a pop-up window asking you to share your audio and video. Please select 'No Video' for camera to share and the appropriate mic from the options. Then click 'Share Selected Devices'.

Share Audio options in Firefox

If you did not see this pop-up when entering please exit the world and re-enter after verifying that all pop-up blockers have been disabled.

Chrome users - Look for an icon in the right side of your address bar that resembles a video camera outline and click it to open the audio sharing options. Make sure that the radiio button for "Continue allowing...." is checked and the correct microphone option is selected and click done.

Share Audio options in Chrome

If you still are experiencing audio issues in the virtual world click "Further Support" at the bottom of this page and we'd be happy to help.