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Does Rutgers offer Fully Online Degrees?

Where can I see what classes are offered online?

How do I sign up for an online course?

What is the cost of an online course?

Where do I find my online class?

Where can I get a copy of syllabus?

Can I transfer credits from a Rutgers Online Class to my University?

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Does Rutgers offer Fully Online Degrees?


Rutgers offers a range of fully online degree programs across various disciplines.  The application and admission process varies.  For specific information, please visit individual program pages.

Rutgers Online Degree Program Website:





Where can I see what classes are offered online?


Please use this course search to find online classes offered in the upcoming semesters. If you would like to view all other courses including traditional, hybrid and online, please visit the Rutgers University Schedule of Classes.    

Below is an explanation of the Rutgers course number system.  This will be helpful when searching for and registering for a course:

First two digits= School Code
Middle three digits = Subject Code
Last three digits = Course Number





How do I sign up for an online course?


Signing up for a Rutgers Online Course will follow the same steps as for a traditional in person course.

Current Rutgers Students:

  1. Using the University Schedule of Classes you may specify the term, location and level of study to search for all online courses.  Once you have found the course, you will use that 5 digit reg index number to register for your course on the Web Registration System. For questions, comments or suggestions contact the Camden Help Desk, Newark Help Desk, or New Brunswick/Piscataway Help Desk.

 Non Rutgers Students looking to attend the University:

  1. Apply - Whether you are pursuing an undergraduate degree, are a nontraditional student wishing to attend Rutgers on a part-time basis, or want to pursue a graduate degree, the first step is to contact the appropriateAdmission's Office.
  2. Tour - You may want to take a tour of the campus to become acquainted with the academic and student service offices available to you.
  3. Admitted Students - Once admitted, it’s important to acknowledge with the Admission’s Office your plans of actually attending Rutgers.
  4. Placement Exams - You may need to take placement exams before enrolling in classes. If applicable, you’ll receive information about placement exams once admitted.
  5. Select Classes - You’ll receive information from the Registrar’s Office about selecting classes from the school or college you plan to attend.
  6. Term Bill - After you have selected classes, you’ll receive a term bill from Student Accounting Services. Your term bill will include tuition for the credits you’re taking, fees, and other applicable charges.

Students currently enrolled in another University or Institution:

If you are currently a student at another university or institution and would like to take Rutgers courses for credits or to fulfill a degree requirement, please contact the Visiting Students office. (FALL & SPRING Semesters Only)

Visiting Students (credit-bearing courses)
Phone: 732-932-7922

Summer and Winter Session

For information about taking courses over the Summer and Winter, please go to their website. Contact the Summer/Winter Sessions office if you have any additional questions.

Office of Summer & Winter Sessions
Phone: 848-932-7565
Email: Summer & Winter Sessions





What is the cost of an online course?


Both Online and Hybrid course’s cost per credit is the same traditional in person courses. Fully online courses will incur an additional fee up to $100 per online course. For more information about tuition rates and fee’s you can visit the Office of Student Accounting, Billing and Cashiering website.

$100 Online Course Fee

At Rutgers, students taking fully online courses on Blackboard, eCollege, Moodle, and Sakai are charged a $100 online course fee per three-credit course. Depending on the learning management system, this online course fee currently covers the cost of administrative support services of online education, 24x7 help desk services, and technology infrastructure, administrative hardware and software used to deliver online courses. This fee does not cover other course costs, such as any form of student authentication chosen by the instructor, additional instructional expenses such as textbooks, private tutoring services and supplemental technologies.





Where do I find my online class?


Rutgers currently uses multiple Course Management Systems (CMS) for online learning.   In the table below, you will find information on each platform providing the CMS name, website and help desk information.

 Course Management System




Help Desk Phone


Help Desk email


(973) 353-5083


(973) 972-8676

Pearson eCollege

(877) 778-8437


(732) 445-8721







Where can I get a copy of syllabus?


Students are provided access to their online courses on the first day of the semester. The syllabus will be listed in the course. Some instructors may email the students before the start of the course.

If you need a copy of the syllabus, please reach out to the listed instructor on the schedule of classes. You may then to find your instructor contact information.





Can I transfer credits from a Rutgers Online Class to my University?


Information regarding transferring credits from another University or Institution can be found on the Office of Academic Services website. Transfer Credit from Institutions Not a Part of Rutgers University

Please contact the Rutgers Registrar’s Office if you have any questions about the process.





Rutgers Tutoring Resources on Campus


Each Rutgers campus provides tutoring services. Please use the links below to locate the specific resource of interest.

New Brunswick: