Verificient Technologies Inc. specializes in identity authentication. Our flagship product Proctortrack is the leading solution in automated remote proctoring and continuously verifies the identity of online test takers.

Online educational programs across the world have eagerly adopted Procotortrack for its unprecedented online cheating prevention capabilities. Educational institutions rely on Proctortrack to protect the integrity of their online programs and intellectual property at scale.

Proctortrack is cost-effective and scalable for any institution size. Through proprietary facial recognition algorithms, the platform automates proctoring by monitoring student behavior and action for test policy compliance. Proctortrack can detect when students leave their space, search online for additional resources, look at hard notes, consult with someone, or are replaced during a test.

Proctortrack is customizable to align with an institution’s testing policies. It offers powerful analytics and its dashboard allows administrators to seamlessly investigate any pre-flagged potential test policy breaches.

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