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The Turnitin analysis and grading tools are now integrated into and available for grading dropbox assignments submitted within eCollege.

Enabling Turnitin for Dropbox Items

After you have created a dropbox assignment:

  1. Click Dropbox on the Tools menu.

Dropbox Location

  1. Click the icon icon in the Edit column of the dropbox for which you wish to have Turnitin enabled.

Edit Location

  1. Select the check box of each basket whose submitted contents that you want to review for plagiarism.


  1. (Deselect the check box for each item you do not want reviewed for plagiarism.)
    Tip: Once Turnitin is enabled for an assignment, the settings Icon icon displays.
  2. Click Save Changes

Save Changes

How to Modify Turnitin Preference Settings

Turnitin provides a series of preference settings you need to apply to make the Turnitin tools work for your

  1. Click Dropbox on the Tools Menu.

Dropbox Locations

  1. Click the icon in the Edit Column.

Edit Area

  1. Click the icon for the dropbox item you want to modify in the Settings Column. An Assignment Editor Page will open.


A new Turnitin window (update paper assignment) will open. This page is normally associated with creating an assignment within Turnitin. But, since the Turnitin tools are incorporated into eCollege, these settings are strictly for making Turnitin work within the course.

Please make these settings to enable Turnitin to work for both you and your students for this assignment. This does not create an assignment it only makes the tools available for the assignment you have already created within eCollege. The assignment title will be filled in automatically from your assignment in eCollege. Set all three of the dates (start, due and post) to be the start date of the assignment. (This will make the tools available to you and the student from the start of the assignment.) Click more options and scroll down...

More Options

  1. Make selections for Originality Reports. Remember to click yes next to Allow students to see Originality Reports if you want them to be able to see the originality reports of submitted assignments.

Advanced Settings

  1. Choose whether or not to enable e-rater Grammar Check and make settings selections if necessary. This tool (if enabled) will provide automated and editable grammar notes available to you during grading of the submission.

Grammar Check Settings

  1. Click Allow submissions after the due date. Again this does not overide dates for Assignment submissions set in the course scheduler with eCollege... it only keeps the tools active so that the student may view the graded submission with the Turnitin comments, notes and originality report after submission and grading of the submission. The repository settings do not apply to eCollege.  You have the option to save the options selected as your defaults for future assigments (but still editable).

Submission Date

  1. Click Submit when done.

NOTE: Most of the Turnitin settings may be changed/edited later.