What is the SHARE for LearningStudio tool?


SHARE is a social blogging tool, which will allow students and professors to create, publish, and manage posts within enabled courses. Each user in the course can post blog-like entries including easily inserting videos and images from popular sites such as YouTube and Flickr. Other users can comment on other users' posts.


  • Includes feature rich editing:
    • YouTube videos
    • Images
    • Formatting
    • Links
  • Allows the post to be:
    • Published
    • Saved as Draft
    • Previewed
  • Ability to tag a post and search on tag
  • Instructors can turn the Share tool off per course by selecting the "off" button in Enable/Disable tools under the Course Admin area.



Using the SHARE tool:


The SHARE tool allows for creating, publishing, and deleting posts within courses. Detailed instructions are outlined below.  


To access SHARE:


  1. SHARE is enabled in all courses across the institution and can then be turned off by the professors for individual courses.
  2. Once enabled, the SHARE tab is available on the toolbar from any screen.

To view posts within SHARE:


  1. On the main SHARE screen, post titles and contents are by chronological order (most recent – oldest).
  2. To expand a post, click on the post title
  3. To see comments on posts, click the comment icon at the bottom of each post
  4. Tags within posts (when available) can be accessed and viewed at the bottom of each post.
  5. To delete a post that you have created and published, select the Edit button on the right side of the post line item.
  6. To create a post, click the Create Post button at the top right of the page


Creating a post:


  1. Click the Create Post button in the top right corner of the screen.
  2. In the available fields, enter Title and content.
  3. To publish, save posts as drafts, or preview the post you have created, select the available options in the lower left corner of screen.
  4. Tags can be added in the available Tags field and can be created in free-form format to allow a user to create any tag desired.
  5. To insert YouTube videos, graphics, and rich text select from options in the navigation bar at the top of the content area.