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Powered by Blackboard Collaborate, formally known as eLLuminate, the ClassLivePro (CLP) product enables you to integrate live, synchronous distance learning and collaboration into your coursework to deliver a more powerful and interactive learning experience that constantly evolves. You’ll keep everyone engaged like never before, capturing the essence of the "face to face" classroom experience. Helping you create virtual classrooms, offices and meeting spaces that open more possibilities to more students, wherever they are. Offering exciting new approaches to learning while involving each student on an individual level. Including Closed-Captioning options.


If this is your first time using ClassLive or if you have not participated in a session in the past 6 months it is recommended that you start by performing a system test.


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QuestionIcon  Why Use ClassLive?

  1. Virtual office hours
  2. Promote active learning
  3. Emphasize key concepts or offer task clarification
  4. Work in groups
  5. Build relationships between faculty and students
  6. Record a session that can be viewed later


QuestionIcon  How do I find ClassLive once I am in my course?

  1. Click Live in the Course tools.  (See image below.)
  2. Click Class Live.
  3. Click Lead Session.
  4. Run Audio Setup Wizard PDF Download Icon


Class Live in course
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From within your course instructors can also download pre-session planning and post-session recording management tools that support the entire instructional cycle.


  1. Use Collaborate Plan PDF Download Icon to organize and script session content ahead of time, automating routine tasks so you can focus on facilitating real-time interaction.
  2. All sessions are automatically recorded and achived for later reference or to download and run through Publish.
  3. Use Collaborate Publish PDF Download Icon to create standalone, interactive recordings in the native Blackboard Collaborate recording format.


QuestionIcon  Click here to see an example of what a session might look like.

Class Live Pro Example
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QuestionIcon  For further assistance

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