About Us

The Center for Online and Hybrid Learning and Instructional Technologies (COHLIT) is an academic unit of the Division of Continuing Studies, reporting to the Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs. It was founded on July 1, 2011 to support the rapidly expanding areas of fully online and hybrid learning at Rutgers. Though initially focused on the eCollege/Pearson LearningStudio platform—for which COHLIT remains the university’s platform administrator—the Center’s mission has more recently expanded to serve faculty and students on all major Learning Management Systems in use at Rutgers.  In addition to Pearson LearningStudio, which hosts the vast majority of online and hybrid enrollments, these currently include BlackboardMoodle, and Sakai. Moreover, COHLIT serves as the university’s principal administrator for Coursera, coordinating production of all Rutgers MOOC’s offered on that platform.

COHLIT supports Rutgers academic units University-wide in creating and delivering hybrid and fully online courses, and is heavily involved in both for-credit as well as non-credit online and hybrid education at the university. One of the key areas of responsibility of COHLIT in the for-credit sector is what has become known as the “Managed Program”--a special long-term and all inclusive partnership between Rutgers and Pearson Online Learning Services for the large-scale delivery of fully online degree programs. Additionally, COHLIT supports a broad range of external clients in the production of professional training and certificate programs. COHLIT also maintains a growing number of educational partnerships between various national organizations and the Division of Continuing Studies.

Areas of Service Include:

  • Help Desk
  • Office of Instructional Design (OID)
  • Faculty Training
  • Instructional Technology
  • Game Research and Immersive Design (GRID)
  • IT Services
  • State Authorization Services