ReadSpeaker That Can Make Your Content Talk

Text-to-speech technology by ReadSpeaker has been made available to your students in all Rutgers Canvas courses. It does not require your students to download anything on their computers, and can be accessed on any internet-connected device.

Why ReadSpeaker ?


How to Use ReadSpeaker

The ReadSpeaker listen icon at the bottom left of the course enables your students to listen HTML content to be read out loud to them.

Readspeaker interface with numbers denoting various buttons.

  1. Activate the listen button by clicking on the speaker icon.
  2. Drag to move the Listen button to the desired position.
  3. Click on “?” to learn how to use the button.
  4. Use to set individual preferences for settings, including reading speed, highlighting colors, text magnifying, and automatic scrolling.
  5. Click on to play or pause the audio
  6. Click on to stop the audio
  7. Click to collapse/hide the Listen button options


Getting Started with ReadSpeaker

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