Rutgers Online Managed Program

The “Managed Program” between Rutgers University and Pearson eCollege


In 2012, Rutgers signed a 7-­year partnership with Pearson eCollege that enables the University to deliver fully online degree programs on a national scale and successfully compete with well-­established online providers. This agreement has become known as the “Managed Program.” It is available to all academic units wishing to offer degree programs fully online, but participation in the Managed Program is entirely optional.


The process of selecting a suitable partner, which required approvals by the highest levels of the university as well as the State of New Jersey, lasted approximately 18 months. After evaluating a variety of proposals by national industry leaders, a broadly representative university committee comprised of faculty, staff, and administrators from all three Rutgers campuses identified Pearson as their top choice.


For the university, the main goals in entering the Managed Program were:

1. To attract a large number of students who due to geographic distance and other limiting circumstances are not in a position to enroll in a traditional degree program at Rutgers.

2. To offer students an opportunity to receive and process information in the multimedia learning environment of online education, using cutting edge technologies, pedagogies, and sophisticated analytics to achieve desired learning outcomes.

3. To broaden access to Rutgers by enabling students near and far to experience the University’s high‐quality education from the comfort of their own homes, and for the most part, at their own pace.

4. To establish a technology infrastructure that ensures scalable growth by fully integrating the learning management system with a wide range of support services and digital resources.


In this partnership, roles, responsibilities, and expectations between both parties are clearly delineated. Rutgers remains in full control of all academic aspects of participating degree programs. This includes, among others, course and degree approvals at all levels; curriculum and course content; faculty selection and appointments; evaluation of student applicants; course instruction; and granting of course credits and academic degrees.


In turn, Pearson supplies a vast and complex infrastructure of technologies and support services required for successfully delivering degree programs in the online space, as well as national marketing of participating degree programs. The technical support services include:

• 24/7 technical support for Rutgers faculty, students, and staff; operational support

• faculty support, including course design services

• student support, including career services, and

• student field placement services, among other aspects


Additionally, Pearson makes available the following instructional technologies:

• LearningStudio (Pearson’s newest and most advanced learning management system)

• Enterprise Reporting ‐ Learning analytics and reporting systems to track student progress and support student retention

• Equella Learning Object Repository (state-of-the-art system for processing and sharing digital resources across multiple courses)

• Learning Outcomes Manager (for coding content and reporting learning outcomes)

• ClassLive Pro (a synchronous voice and video conferencing tool)

• TurnItIn and ExamGuard (two functionalities discouraging forms of academic dishonesty during exams)


Equally important, to help participating departments and schools grow their Managed Program enrollments, Pearson’s commitment also includes a sustained, multi-­million dollar national and, eventually, international marketing campaign on behalf of Rutgers Online. Finally, all Managed Program courses have free access for students and faculty to all Pearson digital content, including eTexts and MyLabs.


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