Wireless networks with the eCollege platform

These are some suggestions for getting eCollege to work successfully when using a wireless connection. Strictly speaking, wireless connections are not supported by eCollege, but since so many people connect through these kinds of connections some best practices have evolved which we list below:


  • Add the Pearson eCollege domain (http://ecollege.rutgers.edu) to a list of Trusted Sites for your browser
  • Using wireless connections can make an internet connection more susceptible to outside interference (radio waves, micro waves, etc.), so check to see if these are an issue and, if possible, minimize them.
  • Frequently clearing cookies and cache (daily) can help to alleviate connection problems.
  • Save answers on Exams every 5-7 minutes to avoid time-outs.
  • If on home network, recycle wireless router/modem by switching it off and on again
  • Some ISPs have bandwidth limitation policies, which can affect connectivity, so check with your provider to see if this is causing a problem.