Using the Course Checklist

The Course Checklist feature on the Course Home page is a great resource for students. From the student view, the Course Checklist displays a list of all course assignments and their associated due dates, as well as a check box for each item so that students can monitor their progress in regard to assigned coursework. Ideally, the course checklist helps students to be aware of assignment due dates and prompt them to complete assignments on time. Additionally, from the course checklist you can click the Go link to open the pages to the individual content items listed.

  • Due Dates can be assigned to course checklist items using Course Scheduler or Toolbox for the individual content item.
  • The Due date feature does not restrict student access to content items. Restricting access to content items is controlled through the Restrict access before/after this date check boxes in the Course Scheduler or Edit Schedule window for each content item.
  • If a due date is not assigned to a content item, the content item will still display for the student so that they can check it as completed. Students can sort their Course Checklist by Unit or by Due Date.