LearningStudio Tool Integrator

LearningStudio Tool Integrator makes it easier to integrate external content from a third party provider into the course experience. 

We have automated a formerly manual process. Now, integrated items take on a more native course feel. Instructors and course content authors can create “external content or tools” as content items. The Tool Integrator will associate content with specific third-party tools that are activated for the institution and integrate them into the course in the same fashion as a threaded discussion or exam item. Instructors can also choose whether the content is launched in a new window or within the course frame.  

Available right now:

  • VoiceThread
    • Full LTI integration with choice for how to open the tool (My Voice, Course View, Single VT.)
    • Chose different options each time you add a new VT item through the integrator.
  • B&N Instructor Bookstore
    • Also known as FacultyEnlight.
    • Adopt your course texts and link them directly to your course.
  • B&N Student Bookstore
    • Give your students a direct link to purchase the correct book linked to your course.
  • B&N Yuzu
    • If there is an electronic version of your textbook, make it available to your students through Yuzu.
  • CampusPack
    • Easily adopt a blog/podcast/portfolio tool for your course to engage your students.
  • Notifications
    • This is the same as the notifications tool on the top toolbar, but allows you to list the tool directly in your navigation for better visablitiy.

How do I use it?

  1. The tool name can be customized. Select from the item type dropdown menu, 'External Tool.'
  2. Navigate to the content item you created, in Author mode, and select the tool you would like to use.
    Note: You cannot change this select after it has been made.
  3. Choose if the tool should open 'in a frame' or 'in a new window'
    Note: We recommend 'In a frame', but some tools can only be opened in a new window.
  4. Submit your selection, and navigate to 'Course mode' to use the tool.

What to expect:

  • Use of LTI integrations.
  • Future integrations with third party tools that have LTI integrations will be available as requested. Tools can be specific to a school. The requester at Rutgers will need to have an aggreement in place with the third party tool.