Learning Studio Notifications

Learning Studio Notifications will allow students and faculty to more easily communicate on any device. Students will be able to configure their preferences for each course and each activity-type by choosing to receive notifications via text (SMS) on their mobile phone or up-to two email addresses. Based on their preferences, students will automatically receive a text or an email with every new: course announcement, thread post, grade and/or assignment without having to log-in to the course.

Notifications can be configured for any or all of the following LearningStudio activity-types:

  • Announcements
  • Threads
  • Post new thread
  • Post to threads
  • Post response to a post
  • Posting of grades
  • Posting of assignments (events - due dates and reminders)


email example text message example
Example Email Notification for a New Discussion Reply Example Text Notification for a New Gradebook Post:



Notifications Tool FAQ

Enabling Notifications in Your Course (Instructors)

First Time User Configuration

How do I Disable Notifications?

Do I have to do this for every course?





Enabling Notifications in Your Course (Instructors)

Please follow the steps below, or click on the .gif below to watch the steps:

  1. Click on Author to enable editing mode.
  2. Click on a Unit, or Course Home, and then Course Items
  3. Click on Add Item
  4. Give the Item a name, we suggest Notifications.
  5. Select the Item type, choose External Tool
  6. Click Add Items
  7. Select the new item, while still in Author mode, and select the external tool ‘Notifications.’
  8. Select to open the tool ‘In-Frame.’
  9. Change your mode from Author to Course to view the student view.
  10. Click on ‘Activate’ to begin using the tool.  (This can only be enabled once a term is open).


notifications gif





First Time User Configuration


Faculty and students who have not used the notifications tool below will need to configure their settings. You may add additional email addresses and phone numbers to be reached at.

Step 1: Add any additional emails to notify.

Step 1

Step 2: Setup Text notifications.

Step 2

Step 3: Select your notification preferences.

Step 3






How do I Disable Notifications?


The advantage of this tool is the ability to distribute announcements through email, which the Learning Studio could not previously do before, and this option cannot be deactivated.  However, you can turn off the email notifications for Discussions, Reminders, and Grades if you do not find them beneficial.  See the below image for this set up:


Feeds Recommended Default Settings





Do I have to do this for every course?

The instructor will need to enable this tool inside of your course. Once the instructor has added the Notifications tool, your account preferences will be carried over. You do not need to update your Notification settings in every courses.

If you would like your instructor to use Notifications, please contact them and include this tutorial link





  • In order to avoid notifications in Spam, users should add @connectyard.com to their safe sender list.
  • If a user is removed from the roster they will NOT get notifications after Connectyard's roster sync takes place. Syncs take place every 12 hours.
  • When a user responds to a threaded discussion via text or email, the response is not posted in line, and depending on which mode is used, it is either posted as a 1st level or 2nd level post.