Initial Course Setup Request Process

Once a course is created in the Rutgers Learning Studio (eCollege), students and instructors access the active courses using the Rutgers NetID and password at Before a course can be accessed, it needs to be created. Course creation is done by way of Course request. You can start with a template to develop your course, and then have that content copied for a live course with a roster. Alternatively you can begin working directly in a live roster course or edit a previously setup course with the copy process.


Our online request tool is the best method to assure speedy delivery, but is only accessible by logging in with your Rutgers Network Identifier (Net ID).  If your Net ID is not setup, you may request that your department administrator submits the information on your behalf.  Select one of the below options to see the step by step process.


Blank Request     Copy Request     Template Request


Blank = Credit bearing course with a roster starting from scratch
Copy = Credit bearing course with a roster, copying from a prexisitng course
Template = Practice course, used for testing or development, no students enrolled


If you are instructing a Non-Credit course, please contact to start the process.  If you are using the ANCOR registration system, it is important that the shell within eCollege is created and setup prior to accepting registrations.


Student rosters are automated through our system so that you do not need to perform this administrative task. Daily updated will include adds, drops, and withdraws. Additions of faculty or staff can be requested to be included in your course with various roles during the request process, or by emailing


Common Enrollment Role Types:

  • Prof - Full course authoring
  • Prof No Name - Course authoring, name and email not displayed to students
  • Teaching Assistant - Course authoring, name displayed in email as TA (or semantic updated in Course Admin)
  • Addtional roles available upon request