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We're excited to introduce you to the FacultyEnlight integration with the Learning Studio.  This new integration allows you to quickly access all of the features of FacultyEnlight directly through your course. 

To begin using this tool, add it into your course using the Tool Integrator and select B&N Instructor Bookstore.

What are some benefits of this integration?

  • FacultyEnlight and Learning Studio courses are paired for a single sign-on experience.
  • Seemless Integration with your courses expedites your course material selection process.
    • Includes auto-populating the course information in FacultyEnlight and gives you the option to re-adopt materials.
  • Easily submit your adoptions early to guarantee the best prices and formats for students.
  • With single sign-on, students can click on the "Purchase Course Materials" link directly from their course in the Learning Studio to purchase the correct course materials.
  • Access digital course materials pruchased without leaving the Learning Studio.



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