eCollege Video Tutorials

This Unit lists in one place all the videos that have been used throughout the eCollege IDT - Instructor Design Tutorial. Feel free to browse the videos or to return here if you ever need a refresher.


Click on the links below to expand each video.


VideoButton  Social Course Homepage - Instructor View

VideoButton  Social Course Home - Student View

VideoButton  Creating a Syllabus

VideoButton  Creating Content Items Part 1

VideoButton  Creating Content Items Part 2

VideoButton  Working with Images

VideoButton  Working with Embed Codes in the Visual Editor

VideoButton  Creating a Dropbox Assignment

VideoButton  Creating a Discussion Forum

VideoButton  Posting to a Discussion Forum

VideoButton  Exam Builder

VideoButton  Question Pools

VideoButton  Test Banks

VideoButton  Taking an Exam

VideoButton  Dropbox - Student View

VideoButton  Dropbox Grading

VideoButton  Turnitin - Instructor Setup

VideoButton  Turnitin - Instructors Working in the System

VideoButton  Turnitin - Students Working in the System

VideoButton  Gradebook Setup

VideoButton  Teacher View of the Gradebook

VideoButton  Student View of the Gradebook

VideoButton  Gradebook Export

VideoButton  Path Builder

VideoButton  File Manager

VideoButton  Group Setup

VideoButton  Share

VideoButton  Email

VideoButton  Doc Sharing

VideoButton  Using the Journal

VideoButton  Using the Webliography

VideoButton  Content Item Copy Tool

VideoButton  Faculty Course Copy Tool