eCollege Faculty FAQs

This page will help you gain access to your eCollege account, and provide resolution to most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).


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QuestionIcon  How do I begin?

Once a course is created in the Rutgers Learning Studio (eCollege), students and instructors access the active courses using the Rutgers NetID and password at Before a course can be accessed, it needs to be created. Course creation is done by way of Course request. You can start with a template to develop your course, and then have that content copied for a live course with a roster. Alternatively you can begin working directly in a live roster course or edit a previously setup course with the copy process.


Our online request tool is the best method to assure speedy delivery, but is only accessible by logging in with your Rutgers Network Identifier (Net ID).  If your Net ID is not setup, you may request that your department administrator submits the information on your behalf.  


Please review the request process with step by step guides at:


QuestionIcon  What are some best practice guidelines for setting up a course?

  • Start your planning and development early.
  • Set up course materials first and the Gradebook last (after all materials are created)
  • Include disability statement.  For more information visit:
  • Check student emails in Course Admin, Course Enrollment for students listed with  These users need to go through the process of correcting their account.
  • Set due dates and access dates.


QuestionIcon  How do I give access to my co-instructors or teaching assistants?

If this information was not listed with the initial request, you can send a follow-up email to with each individual’s name, email, Net ID, course information, and level of access.  If these users are not part of the Rutgers faculty, please make a note and we can create an account with their email address.


Common Instructor Level Roles:

  • Professor - Full course authoring
  • Professor No Name Displayed- Course authoring, name and email not displayed to students
  • Teaching Assistant - Course authoring, name displayed in email as TA (or semantic updated in Course Admin)


QuestionIcon  How are students loaded into the course?

During the request process, you are asked to select your section for the upcoming term.  This information is linked to your course will automatically refresh your updated roster daily.  All students are automatically sent a welcome email to the address they have listed with the University.  This roster load process begins 2-4 weeks prior to the start of the semester, 24hrs after the course is set up.  When students are loaded, you will see them in Course Admin, Course Enrollment and in the Email tab.


There is a 24hr delay from REGIS and you can expedite any changes by sending an email to with the student’s name, email, Net ID, and course information.


QuestionIcon  How do students gain access?

Rutgers students will login with their Net ID to or their Assigned login.   Students will not be able to enter your course until the semester has begun.  Access is restricted by the term settings that are based around the University’s schedule. You can find these default dates in your course through Course Admin, Course Scheduler.  If you would like your students to have access prior to the semester’s start, and did not note this in the initial request, please email  Alternatively, you may send out a welcome email prior to the start of the term and attach a copy of the syllabus and other relevant information that students need.


Students will lose access a month after the semester has ended unless you have made prior arrangements with our office.


QuestionIcon  Can I set access dates?

Absolutely.  All course items can be restricted within the default term settings through the Course Scheduler found by going to the Course Admin tool in the course toolbar.  You can set (access and due) dates for all content items in the Course Scheduler.  You will be able to select if you want to have content items be restricted by the unit dates that the item falls under or other specific dates.  


To restrict access to content based on performance conditions, use the Path Builder tool.  For an overview, please see the “Path Builder” found on the eCollege Video Tutorial page.  For further help, you may access the online Help within your course (found on the Course Tools toolbar).


QuestionIcon  Can students see other students' grades?

Students can ONLY see their own grades.  As an instructor, you can view all student grades.  Please review the eCollege video “Student View of the Gradebook” found on the eCollege Video Tutorial page.  


QuestionIcon  What do I need to teach online?

A computer with an internet connection and a valid email.  Please reference the technical requirements page for specific details. (  If you plan to use some of the more synchronous teaching tools, you may want to also have a web cam and/or headset microphone.


QuestionIcon  How do I Login to my eCollege account?

To access your eCollege account, please navigate to Rutgers eCollege homepage.


QuestionIcon  Who should my students or I contact for help?

Any eCollege user should feel free to contact our support lines listed on this page:


There are also various resources available to you:

  1. Pearson-provided IDT - Instructional Design Tutorial, under the Special Courses term in eCollege.  A useful guide for how-to.  (Students receive the SOT - Student Orientation Tutorial)
  2. Pearson-provided help button in each course which should open up help documents related to the area of the course you are located.
  3. Pearson-provided 24/7 technical support through the tab in the course for chat, email, and phone at 877-778-8437.
  4. Rutgers-provided M-F 8:30-6 course support at 848-932-4702 (local office)
  5. Rutgers-provided email for all questions, general or specific
  6. Rutgers-provided support site through with many how-to guides
  7. Rutgers-provided pedagogical support specialists: Pedagogical Support - COHLIT <>
  8. Rutgers-provided educational media support including a private video hosting solution: Edmedia <>


QuestionIcon  Can I use my iPad?

Yes, although you will want to keep in mind that the experience might be slightly altered.  With the iPad, you will want to first allow Safari to accept cookies, and then when you go to, you will want to use the standard web version.


To enable cookies, you will want to go into your settings, select Safari, then change accept cookies to always.


You may also want to give this App a try:

In the App Store, Search 'Pearson Courses'.  After download you will need to lookup Rutgers and login with your credentials


QuestionIcon  My students are not getting my emails. What do I do?

eCollege’s email tool is a forwarding service and messages are not stored in eCollege.  The emails currently listed with each profile can be found in ‘My Profile’ on the Academics page.  If an email is listed as, then an address was not available at the time the account was created.  These users will not receive any messages sent through eCollege.  Sending email through eCollege will place the sender's address in the cc field, not in the from field.  Some users may want to create a contact for the address that is sent from eCollege, which is  This can be updated in the contacts area of an individual's email client.   


It is the University’s Policy that students manage/maintain their means of communication.  

  • If a user wishes to change the email eCollege uses and forwards to, this can be updated on ‘My Profile' once logged in.  Then select 'update with new values.'

  • Legacy faculty and students can find their Rutgers email services by going to:  

  • All students and faculty can activate a Scarletmail account at

  • All Rutgers emails, forwarding options, and additional services can be located on  After you log on, click “Manage email.”

Any user having an issue with their Net ID, or Rutgers email and forwarding related to it, should contact the campus they are associated with: Camden (856)225-6274, Newark (973)353-5083, New Brunswick (732)445-HELP(4357)


QuestionIcon  Important things I should know?

eCollege’s email tool is a forwarding service which does not archive emails.  When you send an email using the tool, a copy is automatically sent to your address.  It is recommended that instructors save these emails for their own record.   


Additionally, announcements posted are not automatically sent via email or summary email to students.  If it is an urgent announcement, then it is recommended that you copy and paste the body of the announcement into an email.  


As you are building your course as an instructor template, do not set due dates and access dates to any course materials.  When your template is copied into alive term, the dates are rest according to the term it is moved into.  


Setting the pace:
Divide up your materials!  A course syllabus often includes overview information and a course schedule/calendar.  The course schedule is a high-frequency use item.  Create a separate content item specifically for the course schedule.  Instructors often use the same lecture file in their online course that they use for their on-the-ground course.  Remember your online student may not have a full 80-minutes to devote to one “topic” as a face-to-face student.  How can your topic be divided up?  If you are creating videos or screencasts, dividing your materials will also help you if you need to revise a lecture in the future.


All browsers read website html code differently, and as a result there will be differences with the display between browsers.  If a feature is not behaving as you expect, you may want to try switching to another browser.  Internet Explorer will require compatibility view on some pages:


Regardless of the learning management system you use, the gradebook set-up is an art and skill.  In eCollege it is best to save this step for last, after your content is created.  Members of the Pedagogical Support staff at COHLIT appreciate getting involved in Gradebook set-up prior to student work submissions.  We are here to help streamline your course.


Design Support:
The Pedagogical Support staff at COHLIT can be contacted at


QuestionIcon  Why can't I view PDF's on my browser?

If you’re unable to view a pdf on your browser, it is most likely related to Chrome’s plug-ins.  Follow the steps on this site to correct.


Common Error Messages


QuestionIcon  Response from eCollege - 105 Unknown Login ID

Error 105

What does this mean? Your account has not yet been processed in our system. You need to first have a course for your account to be added to. You may want to start with a template request.


See the How do I begin? for steps to start this process.


QuestionIcon  There is a problem with your authentication, possibly due to inactivity. For your safety, you have been logged out and must sign in again to continue.

Cookies Error

This error message is a browser issue related to the connection. You will need to adjust the privacy settings in your web browser. This link will provide instructions on how to accept your Cookies.


Internet Explorer


If the issue persists, please contact our 24/7 technical support desk at 877-778-8437, so they may guide you through any browser settings that may need to be adjusted to avoid this error.


QuestionIcon  This is not an active course. The semester has either not begun yet or has already ended.

NonActive Course

If you see this error you are loaded into a course shell with a student role. As a result you are trying to access your course before the semester has officially started or after the semester has officially ended. Please visit the calendar to view the official start and end dates of the semester or email if your role is incorrect.


QuestionIcon  There has been a problem with the page you are accessing. You may return to what you were doing by clicking the back button. If the problem persists, please contact the helpdesk

There are several reasons why this may happen. Please perform the following steps to see if it will resolve this problem.

  1. Make sure you are clicking the correct links.
  2. Clear your browser Cache:'s-Cache
  3. Clear your browser Cookies:'s-Cookies
  4. Missing content / System Glitch, contact helpdesk to verify.

If you have completed steps 1-3, please contact our helpdesk at or call our 24/7 technical support desk at 877-778-8437.