Faculty Training

COHLIT provides many training opportunities, to support Rutgers faculty. We offer frequent training sessions in the tools available for online instructors, as well as more extended professional development courses. Please consult any of the pages linked below to see more detail on our offerings.

Faculty Training Workshops

Visit the Faculty Training Workshops page to register for free, hands on faculty training workshops, which we offer on a wide variety of topics, including how to use the Canvas and eCollege learning management systems, how to use third party tools such as Kaltura MediaSpace and Turnitin, and online course design issues such as how to use copyrighted materials or how to make your materials universal and accessible.

One-on-one help sessions are also available to aid with specific topics or problems.


Faculty Training Videos

Visit the Faculty Training Videos page to find on-demand videos that you can view at your own pace. These videos incude both video-capture of our regularly offered webinars, and links direct to video tutorials offered by the creators of our online teaching tools including Canvas, VoiceThread, Kaltura MediaSpace, and more.


How-To and Self-Help Webpages

Visit the Resource Center to find detailed how-to webpages, general information on our available learning management systesm and tools, and recommendations for online teachers.


Online Teaching Certificate Program Courses

COHLIT offers a set of four compressed, non-credit courses, focused on online teaching issues: 

  • Fundamentals of Designing and Teaching Online Courses
  • Video Voyages: The Basics of Using Video in Online and Hybrid Courses
  • Absorb, Do, Connect: Technologies to Present, Experience, and Collaborate
  • Accessibility and Compliance in Online Education

You can register for any of these Online Teaching Certificate courses, which are offered on a rotating basis throughout the year. Each one takes four to six weeks to complete, and offers a chance to consider the topics in-depth and exchange ideas with fellow participants.