Canvas Course Migration

RU ready to explore the new way of teaching using Canvas? We can help you make a smooth transition. 
Our team of Instructional Designers with COHLIT make migrating your online course content a breeze regardless of your current learning management system (Blackboard, Sakai, Pearson Learning Studio/eCollege, or Moodle). With our help, many faculty have already transitioned their courses to Canvas. 


To get started on Canvas, simply complete this form to submit your course migration request.

Click here to go to the Canvas migration request form


Once we receive your request, we will add your course(s) to our course migration list, which will be sent to Canvas for content migration.

Please Note:

  • The migration process will only migrate your course content, but will not affect your current course in whatever LMS you are currently teaching. You will have time to explore the Canvas features, finalize your migrated content, and teach in Canvas when you are ready.
  • Another option for you to move to Canvas is to contact the help desk ( to request a Canvas template course shell, and start building the Canvas course at your own pace.  Our team of instructional designers are available if you need any assistance with course design and development in Canvas.