Blank Course Request

The following demonstrates the steps required to create a blank course in the Rutgers Learning Studio (Pearson eCollege) system.


After you login to as a Faculty member with your NetID, you will be brought to the Faculty Dashboard.

<faculty dashboard

  1. Select the link to create a course, copy a course, or start a development template.


course request

  1. Select Option 1 to create a new live course without any content.
    Note: Individual content can be copied from other courses you have Professor access to through the Faculty Course Copy tool.


creating a blank course

  1. Select the Term that you are instructing.
  2. Select the Subject you are instructing.
  3. Select the optional Library Research Guide which will be loaded into your course.
  4. Click the Submit button.


<section selection

  1. Check the radio box for the specific section(s) you are instructing.
    Note: Additional cross-listed courses can be added on the next step.
    Note: If your name does not appear on the section you are teaching, please reach out to your Department Administrator.
  2. Click the Submit button.


review information

  1. Review your course selection information.
  2. Select the date you would like your students to begin accessing your course.
    Note: Rosters are loaded starting 2 weeks prior to the start of the semester. You may email students once they are loaded, however students will not have access to the material until the first day that you select. To request a change, please email
  3. Add any additional information as necessary.
  4. Click the Submit button.


Direct Course launch

  1. A live feedback regarding the status of the course creation will refresh on the upper area of the course page.
    Note: It is okay to navigate away from the page at this time.
  2. Upon successful course creation, the launch course button will appear and you can enter the course directly from here.
    Note: You can also use the Go to Course option in the left hand navigation.
  3. Please keep a copy of the request confirmation number when referencing creation issues with
  4. Your course information listed here will be used to create your course.
    Note: Any cross-listed information or additional instructors will be added within 24 business hours.

If you have any difficulties accessing the eCollege system, please email or call 848-932-4702.